My work

I help companies acquire new customers, grow revenue, and prioritize customer satisfaction. Here's a summary of my work so far.


Head of Growth

I joined Cashaam early to help businesses setting up their e-commerce website in five minutes. I focus on driving SEO strategies and marketing for new and existing businesses on the platform.

  • In 2021, I joined as a Customer success manager. We gather customer feedback and communicate with product and engineering to help troubleshoot bugs and create new features. I Introduced a new customer onboarding process and created onboarding materials that increased customer satisfaction and retention.
  • In 2022, I was promoted to Head of Growth, now also leading our product and marketing team. My team created a new revenue strategy that allowed customers to access Cashaam's premium features by paying a recurring fee. This strategy helped us significantly increase our revenue that year. Additionally, I spearheaded the launch of the Cashaam referral program for users, influencers, and content creators to generate targeted High-quality leads directly to your Cashaam. I led the go-to-market strategy for our virtual dollar card , which generated over $20,000 in just a few months.
  • In 2023, I was promoted to be a part of the founding team, I led the co-marketing campaign with First Bank and Union Bank to acquire more users, spoke at conferences, wrote blog posts, and created walkthrough videos. Currently, I am leading the product team for Cashaam AI for Businesses.

Since I joined Cashaam in 2020, we've built a solid plan for marketing and growth. Our user base has skyrocketed by 1000%, contributing significantly to our revenue. We've empowered businesses to sell and accept payments worldwide, breaking down barriers for e-commerce owners and reaching a diverse audience.


Customer Success Manager, 2020 — 2021

Itechhub helps entrepreneurs and SMEs drive innovative business growth. I spearheaded the adoption of a customized CRM system, enhancing customer tracking and resulting in 20% more repeat clients

On the Technical support side, I assisted with the development of client training webinars, showing 65% participation rate from user base.

Throughout my one year, I was responsible for training and mentoring team members, implementing customer service strategies, and continuously monitoring and improving support processes to ensure customer satisfaction and more.

Digitalnooks | I Help Businesses Grow

Founder, 2018 — 2020

Digitalnooks is a digital marketing agency specializing in digital media, SEO, analytics, and customer experience. I started Digitalnooks because I saw the need for a Digital Marketing Agency for SMBs. My expertise in Digital Marketing has given me the ability to offer something valuable to business owners who do not have the time or want to spend a lot of money on Online Marketing.

  • Achieved an 80% win rate with 100% customer satisfaction. customers getting leads, traffic, and conversions.
  • Created over 200 fully-functional e-commerce stores with Wordpress and more.